Business insight tooling
A valuable starting point
for your advice

The scan tooling is the ideal starting point for any consultant, advisor, strategist or creative who wants to base their customer advice on data-driven insights that are rooted in the heart and soul of an organization.


The ID-Scan: The business insight tool

The ID-Scan is an analysis tool that makes a 360 degree scan. This means that an organization is analyzed completely 'around 'from different perpectives. With the ID-Scan you get a lot of valuable insights with relatively little effort. You receive this data in a clear report that you can use as the basis for your advice. That makes our ID-Scan the ideal starting point for your advice.

360º scan for more insights

A 360 degree scan means that an organization is analyzed completely 'around' from 3 different perspectives:

  • Owner / board / management
  • Employees
  • External relations (e.g. customers and suppliers)
Where do you use the ID-Scan for?

The ID-Scan has proven its value in practice and can be widely used. It can provide you with insight into strategy and policy-making, support in realizing cultural changes or image improvements, provide a basis for merger and acquisition processes, form the common thread for an employer branding process and we could go on and on. More examples can be found here.

For whom is the ID-Scan intended?

The scan has been developed for every consultant, advisor, strategist or creative who wants to base his customer advice on solid insights from the heart and soul of an organization.

Results? What's in it for me?

The past years, various partners have successfully used our ID-Scan for their customers.
The reason why these partners are so enthusiastic?

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lead generation

As a partner of BIC Institute, you can offer your customers a free ID Quickscan. This is a shortened version of the extended ID-Scan.

It is easier to meet with your potential customer with a report full of valuable insights, on which you can build the relationship.

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Extra revenue model

Most advisors and consultants work on an hourly basis for their clients. Using the ID-Scan provides you as a partner with an extra revenue model. With relatively little effort you can retrieve valuable data via an automated system.

You decide for yourself what you pass on to your customers for this product!

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Impactful advice

Fortunately, organizations are increasingly engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, in many cases there is still a lack of the right insights to get started with this.

The ID-Scan provides insight into the theme of sustainability on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Want to know what you get out of the ID-Scan?

What do our partners think?

We are proud of the success stories of our partners. We are therefore happy to let them speak to share their practical experiences with you!

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