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In recent years, various partners have successfully used the ID-Scan for their customers. Would you also like to get to know us, our method and experience without obligation what this scan adds to your services?


8 benefits Important for you as a partner

If you talk to us or one of our partners, you will notice that we could write entire books about the benefits that the ID-Scan can provide. But to keep it short for you, the most important eight are explained for you below:

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Extra revenue model

With the ID-Scan, you as a partner have an extra revenue model in your hands. Fully automated, you gain valuable insights with relatively little effort. You determine the rate that you pass on to your customer.
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User friendly

No high costs or long onboarding processes. Going through the process is very simple and you can get started right away.
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Impactful advice

Organizations are increasingly concerned with sustainable entrepreneurship. The ID-Scan provides insight into the theme of sustainability on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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360 degree scan

360 degrees means that an organization is analyzed completely 'around' from 3 perspectives.

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Smart lead generation

You can use the ID-Quickscan - a shortened version of the ID-Scan - for free. This makes it easier for you to meet potential customers.
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Secure database

Data is stored in a secure cloud environment according to AVG. We use reliable Dutch software partners for this.

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The ID-Quickscan and the ID-Scan are available in Dutch, English and German.

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Clear reporting

We provide an extensive report so that you have a sufficient basis for a thorough, strategically substantiated advice process.

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